American Time Wins New Product Award

AMERICAN TIME wins new product award from leading industry publication

Wi-Fi network clocks improve learning environments, save schools money

Dassel, Minn. (December 2, 2015)—American Time, a market leader in integrated time solutions, announced today that its Wi-Fi network clocks have received a New Product Award from School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management magazines. The New Product Award honors outstanding product development achievements of manufacturers and suppliers whose products or services notably improve a learning environment. An independent panel of judges from around the industry selected the winners of the award.

When every clock displays the same, accurate time, schools cut tardiness, classes start and end on time, and building security and safety is supported. American Time Wi-Fi network clocks receive a precise time signal from a school’s network time server and automatically update for daylight saving time. With a five-year battery life, a school’s maintenance staff saves a significant amount of time by avoiding the need to manually change the clocks twice per year. And because the clocks rely on the infrastructure of an existing Wi-Fi network, they don’t require the capital resources and investment that a wired or wireless timekeeping system needs.

“We are thrilled to win this award and be recognized for the innovative changes happening in timekeeping technology,” said George Wilkes, president of American Time. “Our engineering team continues to push the envelope and offer the best solutions for school districts across the nation, and we’ve seen that excitement reciprocated in the demand for our Wi-Fi network clocks.”

“We introduced our New Product Awards program to give us the opportunity to honor companies that have developed products and services that go above and beyond in helping to improve the learning environment,” said Deborah P. Moore, executive editor/publisher of School Planning & Management and College Planning & Management. “Research shows that there is a direct correlation between quality learning environments and improved student success – and these companies are leading the charge to make schools a better place for teachers to teach and students to learn.”

Customers of American Time’s Wi-Fi network clocks include St. Cloud State University in Minnesota, College of the Holy Cross in Massachusetts, the University of Houston and Western Michigan University School of Medicine.

About American Time
From clock parts for the White House to complete timekeeping systems for the largest corporations in the world to a presence in half of the K-12 districts in the U.S., American Time is the recognized leader in the manufacturing of integrated, custom timekeeping systems and accessories. It offers Wi-Fi network clocks, Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks, battery and digital clocks, as well as a master controller clock with the ability to run on a legacy wired system concurrently with a new wireless clock system.

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