American Time Announces KRACK Vulnerability Patch for Wi-Fi Clocks

Dassel, Minn. January 10, 2018 - American Time, a market leader in integrated time solutions, is pleased to announce a patch for the Wi-Fi KRACK vulnerability.

Researchers recently discovered a vulnerability in Wi-Fi’s WPA security protocol that affects all modern Wi-Fi networks – no matter the product or device. Dubbed KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attack), the flaw allows hackers to exploit Wi-Fi devices as a gateway for breaking into a network to access an individual or organization’s private data or inject and manipulate data.

American Time's release of a patch for KRACK ensures customers are safeguarded against this vulnerability. Customers can go here [ANALOG] or [DIGITAL] to get instructions for updating their Wi-Fi clocks’ firmware and protecting themselves. 

"When our team learned about Wi-Fi's security flaw and the risk of a KRACK exploit, we instantly started working on a solution for our Wi-Fi customers," said Tim Leung, director of engineering at American Time. "Even if the risk is minimal, we take risks like this very seriously and we know our customers trust us to fix it. We're pleased to offer them this update and protection." 


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From complete timekeeping systems for the largest corporations in the world to a presence in half of the K-12 districts in the U.S., American Time is the recognized leader in the manufacturing of integrated, custom timekeeping and notification systems. It offers the EverAlert communication and emergency notification system for schools, Wi-Fi network clocks, Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks, battery and digital clocks, as well as a master controller clock with the ability to run on a legacy wired system concurrently with a new wireless clock system. For more information, visit

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