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Lowe's Wired Clock System Replacement Case Study
Lowe's Choose American Time's Synchronized Time Technology for its Distribution Center Image

“Responsiveness and cost-effectiveness were the two biggest factors for choosing American Time”

Fortune 50 home improvement company achieves consistent, accurate time across entire distribution center campus with SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock System.

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Resource Training and Solutions SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock System Case Study

Nonprofit organization achieves more accurate time, less maintenance costs with SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock System.

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Float Euphoria – Kennewick, Washington

Managing both a massage and flotation service requires adhering to strict standards to keep appointments on track. 

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Vertex Pharmaceuticals

With two towers at Vertex global headquarters in Boston that total 1.1 million square feet, synchronized clocks are important for keeping schedules on time. 

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