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GUARD WIRE OVERSIZED 26″ X 14 1/2″ X 14 1/2″D

SKU: G2020

Use these durable guards for nearly anything!

This is a made to order product, when purchasing a quantity of 15 or greater, your order cannot be returned.

  • Color: Silver
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Guard Size: 26.00 x 14.50 x 14.50


Product Specs

Multi-Purpose Wire Guards from American Time have an unlimited number of uses and come in a vast variety of sizes. Use your imagination to upgrade and maintain a safe facility! Determine the size of the equipment you need to protect and find the guard that fits best. Custom sizes available.

  • Variety of sizes and styles available!
    • Large Multi-Purpose Wire Guards
    • X-Large Multi-Purpose Wire Guards
    • XX-Large Multi-Purpose Wire Guards
    • Shot Clock Wire Guards
    • Fluorescent Light Wire Guards
    • Universal Hinge Kit and Spacers
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