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Intalere Members Benefit From Accurate Timekeeping

How many clocks and screens in your hospital or clinic are a few minutes off from the others? Are maintenance teams constantly spending time adjusting clocks? Are surgery teams relying on different times to track and perform procedures? Do meetings start and end late? 

As an Intalere Affiliate, American Time offers health care providers like you the market’s highest quality and widest range of clocks and timekeeping systems that ensure precise, synchronized time throughout your facility or campus. 

Accurate time isn’t a mere convenience; it’s a central way of ensuring that operations are running efficiently and that patient safety is paramount. 

Here are just a few reasons why so many health care facilities have chosen to work with us:

  • Our solutions ensure that all clocks – wired, wireless, digital and analog – display the same time and automatically update for daylight saving time
  • We offer wired and wireless timekeeping systems
  • We have solutions that work with both legacy wired and new wireless systems
  • We provide free, lifetime tech support

With 1.8 million clocks sold worldwide and more than 26,000 products and systems to choose from, you can trust us to have the solution to help you enrich health care delivery, lower costs and improve quality.

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