Food Manufacturing Requires Accurate Clocks, which American Time Provides

From can production, to filling, to seaming, to cooking; cans whiz by at top speed on the automated manufacturing line at one of the largest food processing plants in the world. Complying with federal, state and corporate food safety regulations is extremely important and accurate time is a mission-critical component of their quality assurance practices.

Every area has a production line speed and every record relates to the time of the synchronized digital clocks in each area. The master clock mounted in the test lab controls the entire clock system. If a cooker goes down, the time is documented immediately so the batch can be segregated from the rest of the production line for extensive testing.

One concern is the battery wall clocks used for shift change, lunches and breaks. The problem is that employees are either early or late depending on which clock they look at. When the tour guide mentioned “we need to do something soon about the clocks”, I suggested a SiteSync IQ wireless clock system. The production area is too loud for an audible signal of a bell or buzzer, so a wireless strobe could be used for scheduled breaks or other visual messages in conjunction with analog wireless clocks. Many companies use their logo on the clocks to indicate the “official” company time. If there’s no logo, they can’t count on the time being correct.