Global Manufacturer and Distributor Ensures Regulatory Compliance and Accurate Timekeeping with American Time Digital Clocks


A leading manufacturer and distributor of fresh and frozen products for food service and retail operators around the world serves customers that include restaurant chains, private label and branded food manufacturers. Its production facilities are throughout the U.S.


Recent government regulations had changed the way many manufacturers compensate employees. Traditionally, workers were paid based on the time a production facility was in operation, known as “line time.” A new law was enacted that called for workers to be compensated when they entered the facility, rounded to the nearest minute. The company had been relying on old analog clocks and even stop watches to calculate time, so it sought a synchronized clock system that displayed the same, precise time across all clocks to ensure accurate compensation for workers at its poultry production facility.


The manufacturer selected digital clocks from American Time for the plant floor. Synchronized to NIST Internet Time Service, each clock displays the same precise time, no matter its location in the building. This allows for accurate recording of the beginning and end of shifts and break times, as well as optimizing the flow of workers throughout the facility and ensuring accurate compensation and tracking.


The company initially ordered 100 digital clocks and have since placed multiple orders for additional production facilities across the country. Depending on the facility, the clocks help 500-1,200 employees working throughout the day to start and stop on time, and help management calculate accurate compensation.

The clocks have been crucial for informing employees when to go on break, return to the production floor and when to start and end shifts. The reliability and accuracy have helped run operations more efficiently and in accordance with new regulations.