Global pharmaceutical provider eliminates complaints about inaccurate time, cuts maintenance cost with PoE clocks.


Synchronized time is extremely important to a global pharmaceutical company for the purposes of punctuality, research and reporting. However, the company’s legacy synchronized timekeeping solution was not reliable: Several times per month, staff complained about inaccurate time and clock hands occasionally spun out of control. In addition to the consistent maintenance problems, company technicians had to update all 90 clocks for daylight saving time (DST) twice each year, taking up more valuable time and labor cost.


The pharmaceutical company selected American Time’s Power over Ethernet (PoE) network clocks. These clocks draw both power and time updates from the company’s Ethernet connection. They are energy efficient and eliminate the need for AC receptacles and individual batteries. There is no master clock or serial connection required, and the clocks update automatically for DST changes. Forty-nine clocks were installed throughout five buildings in which 1,500 individuals work.


To date, the American Time PoE clocks have been problem-free and have saved maintenance teams the distraction of constantly adjusting the displayed time or making repairs. The clocks arrived synchronized to the correct time zone, which made installation fast and easy.

“The clocks have worked perfectly and American Time’s customer service was tremendous,” said the director of facilities. “They provided consistent follow up and outstanding communication.”