It’s very important to test your clock system before the DST change each spring and fall so you can be confident that everything changes over smoothly.

First, power cycle the system controller by shutting off the power and then turn the power back on. You can also power cycle a clock by removing the battery-pack plug on a battery-operated clock. Note: To power cycle an AC-powered clock, unplug the Molex plug and plug it back in.

Next, check the voltage of your batteries with a volt meter. A reading of 1.5v or higher is a good battery strength.

If the system controller is set to the correct time zone and DST setting, and the clock adjusts to the correct time, then you have completed testing your wireless clock system. Congratulations!

If the clock didn’t correct, check all cables, antennas, and plugs on the system controller and confirm the connections are tight. If your system controller uses an Ethernet time sync, confirm that your network settings haven’t changed. If the network settings have changed or your clock still didn’t correct, please consult your IT department and then call American Time tech support at 1-800-328-8996.