Quick Facts 

  • Expansive NFL office complex and training facility  
  • Immediate uses and benefits of the flexible EverAlert system 
  • Accurate time and clearer communications for more efficient team operations

A team of the National Football League (NFL) was searching for digital clocks to install at its state-of-the-art, sprawling training facility. Due to COVID restrictions on the number of people in meetings, the team had created new meeting spaces to better facilitate safe social distancing.  

“Digital clocks are important for keeping everyone on time, but I also showed them the power of what the EverAlert Communication System could do,” said Chuck Olson, vice president of sales and service at American Time. “They immediately saw the benefits of EverAlert’s timekeeping and communication functionality, and wanted to know more.”   

EverAlert: One System to Handle All Communication Needs 

EverAlert is the multi-functional communication system that streamlines operations and keeps everyone informed and on time. Used for daily messaging or in emergency scenarios, it’s a clear and immediate way to communicate important information to a large audience. 

  • Display analog or digital time to keep everyone moving efficiently and on time 
  • Customize and display specific messaging by floor, department or room 
  • Immediately communicate threats with audio and visual alerts, such as medical emergencies, drills or severe weather 

“The customized messaging capabilities of EverAlert caught their eye,” said Olson. “Plus, with their recent facility expansion, EverAlert added a ‘wow’ factor that reinforced a high-tech, modern and branded feel.” 

With EverAlert, the team schedules messages to display alongside audio/visual cues that better grab everyone’s attention, and sends instant messages to certain rooms or the entire facility. The team can also more quickly and clearly communicate things like practice time changes, COVID protocol reminders and meeting schedules.   

The team ordered seven EverAlert displays to test them out. That soon turned into an order for 17 more. “They saw the value in it really fast. EverAlert delivers a quick ROI because it’s for everyday communication use, as well as emergencies,” said Olson.  

Results: Clearer communication, instant understanding 

Today, the team has 96 EverAlert displays across its sprawling office complex and training facility.  EverAlert is used in rooms such as training rooms, meeting rooms, ticket sales pillar, radio studio, locker rooms, coaches’ rooms, the exam room, café, field house and the general manager’s office. 

While the team got the digital clocks they were looking for with EverAlert, they also got so much more…  

  • An easy-to-read, six-digit clock display allows players to time their workouts. 
  • Ability to display messages by zones, including specific messaging for coaches and for players 
  • Synchronized, accurate time everywhere in the facility  
  • A fully branded, visually appealing technology 

The team’s IT director manages the EverAlert network easily with the inCloud Management Portal. This allows him to quickly schedule EverAlert audio alerts and countdown timers; create or change messaging schedules with just a few clicks; and organize and schedule EverAlert displays by zone, department, wing or room. 

EverAlert enables the team to create, control and schedule the messages, news and emergency alerts critical to keeping players efficient, healthy and informed. In fact, after seeing what EverAlert delivers for this NFL team, the local professional soccer club ordered dozens of EverAlert displays for its facilities. 

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