End-of-Life Policy

American Time may find it necessary to discontinue products for a variety of reasons, such as market demand, product improvements, hardware or software incompatibility, or technical/functional obsolescence. This will typically not impact the useful life of existing products, but may result in American Time no longer being able to support these products at a point after they have become discontinued. To ensure our customers are aware of products being discontinued and to help manage any transitions that may be required, American Time has established the following policy, commonly known as an end-of-life (EOL) policy.

When American Time has determined a product will be discontinued, we are committed to providing thorough communication during this period. These notifications include (but are not limited to) the end-of-sale (EOS) announcement and the end-of-support (EOST) dates.

Any products being discontinued will have an EOS announcement posted on the American Time website at the time stock has been depleted. After this date, no further sales of the product(s) will be accepted.

If the discontinued product uses or requires a subscription-based service, the service will remain available after the EOS date unless the service itself is also specified within the EOS announcement or has its own EOS announcement.

The EOST date is typically five years past the EOS date.  If replacement or repair of a discontinued product is not possible, American Time may replace the discontinued product with equivalent product and transfer any applicable subscription term to the replacement.

Products will typically retain the same functionality they featured at the EOS date for the entire useful life of the product. Once the EOST date has passed:

  • New features announced by American Time may not be available on these devices.
  • Updated firmware/software may be unavailable for these devices.
  • American Time may no longer troubleshoot or be able to repair/replace these devices.

If any of these situations occur and result in devices being inoperable, American Time will use its best efforts to provide the customer with a workable solution for upgrading their devices. Failing that, American Time will credit the value of any remaining subscription time attributable to the legacy hardware on a prorated basis.

While American Time will strive to provide as much notice as possible when a product reaches EOS and five years of support after EOS, the nature of some products may preclude this. In the event of a product unable to be supported for the full five years after EOS, American Time will use its best efforts to provide as much notice and/or support as possible.

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