American Time Releases New Global Series Digital PoE Clocks

Customers get precise, synchronized time anywhere in the world

Dassel, Minn. April 1, 2019 - American Time, a market leader in synchronized time solutions, has announced the release of a new Global Series Digital Power over Ethernet (PoE) Clocks. 

With the new Global Series, customers anywhere in the world simply plug the clocks into their Local Area Network for synchronized time throughout their building or campus. Features include:

  • Automatic daylight saving time updates where applicable
  • Elapsed time indicator for measuring duration (optional)
  • Time zone management
  • Count up/down timer to track time in operating rooms or between shifts (optional)
  • Code Blue activation for healthcare facilities (optional)
  • Brighter, crisper digits for improved visibility
  • Slimmer and lighter weight design for easier installation of large double-dial models 

PoE network clocks draw both power and time updates from an organization's Ethernet connection. Energy-efficient PoE technology eliminates the need for AC receptacles, batteries, and a master clock, making them an extremely cost-effective choice for organizations of all sizes and budgets. 

“Whether you’re in Dassel, Des Moines or Dubai, the new Global Series PoE clocks work reliably and consistently,” said George Wilkes, president of American Time. “As we continue to serve customers around the world, our Global Series is the answer for organizations seeking reliable, precise, and cost-effective ways to keep their people and processes on time, and to maximize the efficiency of their organization.” 


About American Time
From synchronized time systems for the largest corporations in the world to a presence in half of the K-12 districts in the U.S., American Time is the recognized leader in the manufacturing of custom synchronized time solutions and notification systems. It offers the EverAlert communication and emergency notification system for schools, Wi-Fi network clocks, Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks, battery and digital clocks, as well as a master controller clock with the ability to run on a legacy wired system concurrently with a new wireless clock system. For more information, visit

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