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SiteSync IQ®

A Synchronized Clock System for New Wireless or Existing Wired Clocks

Control clocks, alarms, bells and more. Take control of your time.

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Wireless Clock System: How it Works

A wireless system’s master clock or system controller can receive a time signal from the internet or GPS satellites. A signal is sent to each wireless clock using a radio frequency. Wireless clocks offer superb accuracy and can be synchronized with other wireless equipment like school bells and wireless relays.

A Synchronized Clock System That Puts You In Control

Need a new Master Clock for your wireless system? Looking to integrate a legacy wired system with a new wireless one? The American Time SiteSync IQ® Wireless Master Clock does it all with accuracy and dependability!

Wireless System Brochure

With SiteSync IQ, you can:

  • Install a wireless clock system
  • Centralize control over a legacy wired system
  • Centralize control over a new wireless system
  • Centralize control over a hybrid wired/wireless system
  • Streamline management of wired and/or wireless clocks, bells, lights and locks
  • Easily retrofit and remodel existing systems

Wireless System Master Clocks

The SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock System offers flexibility and choices to fit your synchronized time needs!

Wireless Remote Transmitter
The Wireless Remote Transmitter enables remote programming of wireless events and timekeeping control for wireless clocks. Good for facilities exclusively running wireless clocks and signal circuits.

Wireless Master Clock Controllers
For integrated wired/wireless systems, the SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock Controller controls wired clocks and circuits to perfectly synchronize time throughout a building or campus. Compatible with many major-brand wired clocks!

Remote Transmitter and SSIQ Master

Wireless Analog and Digital Clocks

Get the industry standard for quality craftsmanship, robust design and precision! Wireless Analog or Digital clocks can integrate with bell signals and electrical circuits, and be added to an existing wired system or used to replace failing, major-brand clocks.

wireless analog and digital clocks

Wireless Analog Clocks

  • Easy: Plug-and-play installation
  • Time Saver: Maintenance-free operation
  • Customizable: Several case options available, plus option of logo on clock face
  • Robust: Continued operation during brief power outages – no batteries necessary

Wireless Digital Clocks

  • Time Saver: Maintenance-free operation
  • High visibility: Tall, ultra-bright LED digits deliver improved readability for large areas
  • Durable: Lightweight anodized aluminum frames
  • Customizable: Choose digit size and color, Code Blue activation, and mounting
  • Track time: Countdown timers and calendar options available

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SiteSync Is Designed to be Easy For You

Save time and money with wired/wireless seamless integration

The SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock integrates a new wireless clock system with an existing wired clock system. Whether you’re expanding a building or upgrading an old system, SiteSync IQ makes the transition smooth and cost-efficient.

Synchronize and control wired clocks with other equipment

Run equipment on electrical circuits with one easy interface. Create your own schedules and the SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock will automatically turn the circuits on or off – saving maintenance teams the headache of adjusting equipment.

Remotely control and program clocks and schedules.

No need to be on-site to change clock or bell schedules! The SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock can be programmed to run up to 99 schedules and 9,999 events from an on-site keypad or Remote Connect web interface.

Fast Facts on the SiteSync IQ Synchronized Wireless Clock System

  • Automatic time synchronization via Ethernet or GPS
  • Control up to six optional wired or wireless signal circuits
  • ±1 minute/year without correction from Ethernet or GPS time synchronization
  • Automatic updates for daylight saving time

SiteSync IQ can even integrate with your existing wired clock system. This is beneficial in a number of ways:

SiteSync wireless system
  • Best of Both Worlds: A hybrid solution can create a clock system that runs your existing wired clocks and wireless clocks. You can add wireless clocks when and where you choose to do so, based on your budget.
  • The Sky’s the Limit: An unlimited number of clocks can use the time synchronization signal. Coverage is completed using a single transmitter with a choice of 5-watt to 30-watt system controllers.
  • Batteries with a Long Life: American Time Battery Booster Packs last up to 5 years! Hang a clock anywhere and have maintenance-free operation for up to 5 years.
  • Just Plug it in: Electric-powered, wireless synchronous clocks are an available option.
G2012 Guard

Don’t Forget a Protective Guard!

You’ve spent time and money choosing the right equipment for your building. Be sure to protect it from accidental damage, theft, or the elements! We have sturdy, attractive and easy-to-install protective guards to fit your needs.

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“SiteSync IQ is going to save us a ton of money on wiring

because I’ll be able to just hang a wireless clock anywhere someone needs it, and it’s good for five years. Plus, we save money on the installation because we can just hang up the clocks ourselves. They will be great for our expansion!”

- Tony D - Building and Grounds Director

Ethernet Wireless System Kit
Provides pinpoint time synchronization to NIST (official world time) via Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP) or Daytime Protocol via an Ethernet connection. Ideal for networks synchronized over a local domain.

  • One transmitter is sufficient signal coverage in most cases
  • Accurate to all networked computers in your facility
  • 100% FCC compliance without the paperwork hassle

Standard GPS Wireless System Kits
Get precise accuracy to NIST time through GPS satellites. Ideal for buildings with a high, central indoor or outdoor location to ensure timekeeping satellite reception.

  • One transmitter is sufficient signal coverage in most cases
  • Install in less than an hour
  • 100% FCC compliance without the paperwork hassle
  • Scalable for expansion or renovation
  • GPS Plus Option can be extended further than Standard GPS Option (up to 1,500 feet)

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More Wireless Clock System Accessories
American Time provides a variety of accessories to test, protect and organize your wireless clock system, including indoor bells, security brackets, shelving, audio generators and more!

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