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AllSync IQ®: A Complete Wired Clock System

Control. Accuracy. Compatibility. Take control of your time with a complete AllSync IQ Wired Clock System!

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A Flexible, Complete Wired System that Saves Time and Money

The American Time AllSync IQ® Wired Clock System provides accurate, synchronized time and reliable quality for any business, organization or school.

With AllSyncIQ, you can:

  • Install a new wired clock system
  • Centralize control over a legacy wired system
  • Streamline management of wired clocks, bells, lights and locks

AllSync Master Clock and Wired System keep Clocks Ticking… Easily

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Easily integrate or replace old major-name clocks

Compatible with most wired systems, the AllSync IQ Master Clock lets you keep the wired clocks that still work, saving you time and money!

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Synchronize building systems

Control clocks, bells, lights, locks, and other electrical circuits with one easy interface. Create your own schedules and the Master Clock will automatically turn the circuits on or off – saving maintenance teams the headache of adjusting equipment!

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Remote control

No need to be at the device to control, change, or program clock or bell schedules! The AllSync IQ Wired Master Clock can be programmed to run up to 99 schedules and 9,999 events all from a Remote Connect web interface.

No power, no problem

The included battery keeps everything on time without external power; if there’s a power outage, you don’t lose time or schedules!

Fast Facts on the AllSync Wired Clock System

  • Accurate to ±1 second to Master Clock
  • Automatic time synchronization via Ethernet
  • Easy installation with color-coded Molex plug
  • Control up to six programmable circuits
  • Automatic updates for daylight saving time

AllSync IQ Wired Clock System is perfect for…

  • Streamlining the management of wired clocks, bells, lights and locks into one system
  • Replacing a failing wired Master Clock
  • Installing a new wired clock system

AllSync IQ System Controller

AllSync Wired Clocks in Action

Replace Simplex Clocks with AllSync Plus

A manufacturer has an old wired Simplex clock system that keeps time, but some of the older clocks are starting to fail.

AllSync clocks are compatible with major brands like Simplex! This customer simply purchased several AllSync clocks to replace the wired clocks as they failed. It was a smooth transition that saved money, maintenance, and kept everyone on precise time!

school class scheduling

A school is managing a wired clock system, bell system and lighting system. Coordinating the clocks, bells and lights for various class schedules is a headache and time-consuming.

An AllSync Master Clock will streamline control of clocks, bells, lights, door locks, and anything with a relay! The school can now control everything with the easy AllSync wired system and ensure everything is in sync with schedules.

AllSync Plus Wired Clock Technology Delivers Precision, Energy Efficiency and a Three-Year Warranty!

  • Expand current wired system
  • Build out new wired clock systems
  • Replace failing wired clocks

AllSync Plus Clocks

AllSync Plus Clock

Our American Time AllSync Plus clocks are compatible with these correction signals.

7-9 seconds starting at the 57th minute and 54th second 13-18 seconds starting at 5:57:54 (am and pm)
24-28.5 seconds starting at the 0 minute and 0 second 24-32 minutes starting at 6:00:00 (am and pm)
54-56 seconds starting at the 58th minute and 5th second 10 pulses of 94-96 seconds starting at 5:05:00 (am and pm)
repeating every 2 minutes
24-26 seconds starting at 0 minute and 0 second 25 pulses of 24-26 seconds starting at 6:00:00 (am and pm)
repeating every 60 seconds
63-67 seconds starting at the 58th minute and 0 second 14 pulses of 63-67 seconds starting at 5:06:00 (am and pm)
repeating every 2 minutes
54-56 seconds starting at the 58th minute and 5th second 12 pulses of 63-67 seconds starting at 5:05:00 (am and pm)
repeating every 90 seconds

Looking to replace an old wired clock?

AllSync clocks replace nearly any major brand, like Simplex, Lathem, National and more!

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