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Replacement Clocks

Many suppliers no longer manufacture the Synchron mechanical movements that were installed in traditional, name-brand clocks. Our American Time AllSync Plus synchronized clocks are solid-state, highly accurate, maintenance-free clocks. They’re the perfect replacement for old or broken legacy clocks in your business, healthcare facility, school, and anywhere else. Make the upgrade today!

AllSync Plus clocks by American Time replace all of the following major clock brands!

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Easy Set-Up

The AllSync Plus clock solid-state circuit board and movement automatically reads the correction signal from your master clock – no manual adjustment necessary! In no time, you’ll have energy-efficient and cost-effective clocks to keep your people and building running smoothly.

AllSync Plus movement
AllSync Plus clock and icon

Why switch to AllSync Plus Replacement Clocks?

  • Classic Design: Match the current look and design of your existing clocks.
  • Maintenance-free: AllSync Plus clocks carry a three-year warranty, compared to just one or two years for traditional mechanical movements.
  • Affordable: The average price of AllSync Plus clocks is around 28% less than mechanical clocks.
  • Accurate: AllSync Plus clocks are accurate to +/- 1 second of the clock system controller.
  • Battery Back-Up: AllSync Plus clocks provide 15 minutes of backup power in the case of a temporary power outage.
  • Solid-State Technology: Installed with a solid-state circuit board, AllSync Plus clocks have fewer moving parts to wear out and use up to 80% less energy.
  • Flexible: Keep your existing wired system and replace defective clocks as needed.
  • Lifetime Technical Support: We’re here to help if you have questions! Call us at 800-328-8996.

Integrate Existing Clocks Into the AllSync Connected System

Your existing network can easily get connected with the AllSync Wired System. There’s no need to buy any new clocks — our proprietary design is compatible with most major-brand wired systems. It’s the easy way to get connected without starting over.

Our American Time AllSync Plus clocks are compatible with these correction signals.

7-9 seconds starting at the 57th minute and 54th second 13-18 seconds starting at 5:57:54 (am and pm)
24-28.5 seconds starting at the 0 minute and 0 second 24-32 minutes starting at 6:00:00 (am and pm)
54-56 seconds starting at the 58th minute and 5th second 10 pulses of 94-96 seconds starting at 5:05:00 (am and pm)
repeating every 2 minutes
24-26 seconds starting at 0 minute and 0 second 25 pulses of 24-26 seconds starting at 6:00:00 (am and pm)
repeating every 60 seconds
63-67 seconds starting at the 58th minute and 0 second 14 pulses of 63-67 seconds starting at 5:06:00 (am and pm)
repeating every 2 minutes
54-56 seconds starting at the 58th minute and 5th second 12 pulses of 63-67 seconds starting at 5:05:00 (am and pm)
repeating every 90 seconds

All Replacement Clocks Include a Variety of Customizable Options

Choose from bezel materials and colors, sizes, and styles to match your aging clocks. Whether you need to replace one or many, American Time’s replacement clocks will keep your brand and look consistent while delivering precise, synchronized time.

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1200 guard

Don’t Forget a Protective Guard!

You’ve spent time and money choosing the right equipment for your building. Be sure to protect it from accidental damage, theft, or the elements! We have sturdy, attractive and easy-to-install protective guards to fit your needs.

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“I’ve had good service from American Time for more than 25 years.”

They have the parts I need for different clock systems all under one roof. I appreciate their stock of hard-to-find parts and that they support time systems no longer supported by the OEM manufacturers.

- Craig Larson - Columbia Heights Public Schools
Remove Simplex crystal

Replacement Parts for DIY

Want to take apart a clock and make it work again? We can’t think of anything more fun. We’ve got the parts you need and resources you want to repair almost any clock.

We don’t want you to have to buy a new clock if you don’t need it. We just want you to stay on time.

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Repair Your Clock

Revitalize legacy clocks with our popular movement kits. These AllSync Plus® replacement kits come with the parts required to replace traditional, mechanical movements for Lathem, National, American Time, Simplex and Standard Electric clocks. Watch the DIY videos below.

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Let’s Talk About Saving Your Time

You want your clocks to run right for years to come. We want to make it happen for you. Let’s talk about how we’ll do that.

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