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Wi-Fi Network Clocks

Easy set up. Zero maintenance. Accurate time.

Get Synchronized Time with your own Wi-Fi Network.

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Wi-Fi Clocks get correct time from your Wi-Fi network, fast and cost-effectively.

Wi-Fi clocks are perfect for…

  • Any business, school or organization
  • Any entity that needs accurate, synchronized clocks but doesn’t want to purchase a Master clock, wires or other infrastructure

Network Clocks System Brochure

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No need to buy a Master Clock, wires, or other infrastructure

Wi-Fi clocks pull accurate time from your Wi-Fi network.

all precise time

Keep everyone on the same, precise time

Across a building or campus, keep meetings, classes, appointments and shifts flowing smoothly. Wi-Fi clocks keep accurate time, all the time. No manual adjustments needed!

easy setup

Fast installation, no electrician required

All you need is a WLAN; clocks can arrive preconfigured to your Wi-Fi network or you can configure them yourself. Simply hang them wherever you get a Wi-Fi signal.

low maintenance

Hang them and forget about them.

Battery-powered Wi-Fi clocks can run up to five years on a battery pack, while electric-powered Wi-Fi clocks get power from your existing wire system. Whichever option you choose, you can forget about maintenance!

Wi-Fi clocks

How Wi-Fi Clocks Work

Wi-Fi clocks are similar to any other device on your Wi-Fi network: They “talk” to your network in order to pull the right information. In this case, it’s the precise time.

Wi-Fi clocks have to be configured to your Wi-Fi network first. We can do that for you here at American Time (at no charge) so that your clocks arrive ready to go, or you can configure them yourself. Either way, your clocks will search and find your Wi-Fi network, pull the accurate time, and display that time on its clock face or digital display. All of your computers, phones, clocks, and other devices will all show the same, precise time to keep your building or campus on track!

We opted for Wi-Fi rather than a master clock for ease of installation.

They worked right out of the box as described without any adjustment on our side other than defining the network ID.

- Don L. - Director of IT

Fast Facts on Wi-Fi Network Clocks

  • Options to arrive pre-configured to your network or manual configuration
  • Accurate time to 1/10 of a second
  • Digital or analog Wi-Fi clock options
  • Staggered synchronization times minimize network work load
  • Automatic updates for daylight saving time (where applicable)
  • Schedule and manage Wi-Fi clocks and Wi-Fi enabled devices with the inCloud Management Portal
  • NEW Wi-Fi buzzer analog clocks, horns, and strobes allow you  to signal class or shift changes!
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Get Total Control with the inCloud Management Portal for Network Clocks

The inCloud Management Portal lets you quickly and easily set up, schedule, manage and monitor your network clocks and devices!

inCloud gives you visibility into clock and device power status, connection quality, time sync and battery life, along with easy buzzer clock scheduling and changes. Set up your devices faster and easily monitor their status to simplify time management across your facility and save valuable maintenance hours!

Learn more about inCloud

Setting Up Your Network Clocks is Easier Than Ever!

The American Time Network Clock Setup App for Android makes configuring and provisioning network clocks easy – saving precious time and headaches. The app is also integrated with the inCloud management portal, making clock activation simple. Download it on Google Play.

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Troubleshooting Wi-Fi Clocks? Our Wi-Fi Clock FAQs Can Help!

My Wi-Fi clock didn’t adjust.

  • If the clock was working and suddenly doesn’t, a common culprit is a change to your Wi-Fi network (SSID or passphrase). Check with IT to make sure they didn’t change anything on the network.
  • Ensure you’re still using a valid time server and that Port 123 is still open. Refer to the manual.

My Wi-Fi clock didn’t adjust for DST.

  • Were there any changes made to the Network? (SSID or passphrase)
  • Are you using a valid Time Server and is Port 123 still open?
  • Go to one of your Wi-Fi clocks and press the singular button on the receiver, located between the movement and the battery pack. You will see an LED that is one of three colors, depending on the age of the clock.
  • If the LED gives only a momentary green flash, you should simply remove power from the clock, and restart it; if it goes to the correct time, then all is well.
  • If the clock is a newer model (2019 or later), it will report its status as either red, amber, or a longer green when the button is pressed.
    • Red indicates that the clock cannot contact the network, so something has happened to make that clock unable to connect.
    • Amber indicates that the clock has successfully connected but cannot pull an updated time from its time server.
    • If the LED is amber or red, our manual has information regarding how to work with your clock to correct the issue, and we have our expert technicians waiting to assist you with any issues as well, call 1-800-328-8996 and a live person will be happy to get you in touch with them. The Wi-Fi manual is available here.
    • Green indicates that all is well with the clock.

The clock hands are stuck at 12:00.

  • Check that the pin has been removed from the movement.

The hands aren’t at 12:00. What do I do?

  • Verify clock hands are moving at normal operating speed.
  • Press the Home button on the movement.
  • The clock will fast run to 12:00 and stop (If still available, place the gear locking pin that came with the clock into the center hole on the movement or use a small paper clip).
  • The clock should begin fast run shortly after pressing. If not, press the Home Button again with a pointed object.
  • If hands are off, remove and re-position. See “Positioning Hands.”
  • If hands are on 12:00, hand position is okay.
  • Remove the gear locking pin, if used, then press the Reset Button on the movement with a pointed object or power cycle the clock.

Positioning Hands: (“Setting/Verifying the 12:00 (Home) Position” must be done first)

  • For plastic clocks, hold the case with your hands at the 03:00 and 09:00 position and squeeze until the lens pops out.
  • For metal clocks, loosen the screws if bezel clips were used or use a pliers to bend out the ends of the V clips. Remove the backplate from the bezel.
  • If the sweep hand (second hand) is off, pull the sweep straight off and re-align to the 12:00 position.
  • If the minute hand is off…
    • Remove the sweep hand.
    • Then gently remove the minute hand off the shaft and reset to the 12:00 position.
    • Reset the sweep at the 12:00 position.
  • If the hour hand is off, you may have a different problem. Call American Time at 888-328-8996 for assistance before trying the realign.
  • Replace the lens on plastic clocks and replace the clock/backplate on metal clocks.
  • Pull the gear locking pin, and then press the Reset Button on the movement with a pointed object or power cycle the clock.

Will the clocks work on a 5 GHz network?

  • No, they work on 2.4GHz.

Does DHCP have to be on the network for the WI FI clocks to work for me?

  • No, you can configure them with a Static IP by going into Limited Access Point.

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