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AllSync Plus Wired Clocks

Wired Clock Technology that Delivers Precision, Energy Efficiency and a Three-Year Warranty!

With AllSync Plus Clocks, you can expand a current wired system, build out new wired clock systems, or replace failing wired clocks.

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Wired Analog Clocks

  • Easy: Plug-and-play installation
  • Efficient: Solid-state circuit board movement uses 80% less energy than mechanical movements
  • Customizable: Several case options available, plus option of custom logo on clock face
  • Robust: Continued operation during brief power outages – no batteries needed
  • Versatile: Compatible with American Time SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock

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Keep your people and operations on time with AllSync Plus wired clocks!

AllSync Plus clocks intelligently adapt and automatically read the correction signal from your master clock system – no manual adjustment necessary.

  • Classic Design: Match the current look and design of your existing clocks.
  • Affordable: The average price of AllSync Plus clocks is around 28% less than mechanical clocks.
  • Accurate: AllSync Plus clocks are accurate to +/- 1 second of the clock system controller.
  • Battery Back-Up: 15 minutes of backup power in the case of a temporary power outage.
  • Solid-State Technology: AllSync Plus clocks have fewer moving parts to wear out and use up to 80% less energy.
  • Flexible: Keep your existing wired system and replace defective clocks as needed.
  • Three-Year Warranty: AllSync Plus clocks carry a three-year warranty, compared to just one or two years for mechanical movements.
  • Lifetime Technical Support: We’re here to help if you have questions! Call us at 800-328-8996.

Wired Digital Clocks

Operate on Clock Code 01

  • Durable: Lightweight anodized aluminum frames
  • High visibility: Tall, ultra-bright LED digits deliver improved readability for large areas
  • Customizable: Choose digit size and color, Code Blue activation, and mounting
  • Track time: Countdown timers and calendar options available
  • Versatile: Also compatible with American Time SiteSync IQ Wireless Master Clock

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Don’t Forget a Protective Guard!

You’ve spent time and money choosing the right equipment for your building. Be sure to protect it from accidental damage, theft, or the elements! We have sturdy, attractive and easy-to-install protective guards to fit your needs.

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Fast Facts on AllSync Wired Clocks

Keep precise time using wired system clocks.

  • Accurate time to 1/10 of a second
  • Automatic updates for daylight saving time (where applicable)
  • Integrate clocks across rooms or buildings for consistent scheduling and timekeeping
  • Corrects and updates time during hourly communication with master clock
  • Compatible with most major-brand wired system clock systems – replace old wired clocks with wireless!

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Get robust design, quality craftsmanship and precision! Analog and Digital clocks can integrate with bell signals and electrical circuits, and be added to an existing wired system or used to replace failing, major-brand clocks.

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“I have not found customer care and service like this

beyond the confines of our own company. I appreciate American Time’s customer care, fast response times and most of all its employees. I look forward to working with you and the rest of the team in the near future.”

- Daniel D. - Vice President of Sales

Helpful Resources

Dive deeper in our clock technologies and products. Understand your options and the best choices based on your building, needs and budget.

Troubleshooting AllSync Wired Clocks? Our Wired Clock FAQs Can Help!

How do I change between two different supply voltages?

  • AllSync Plus clocks can run off either 120vac 50/60 Hz or 24vac 50/60 Hz.

What happens if the jumpers are set incorrectly for my system?

  • If the jumpers are set to 24V and placed on a 120V system the fuse soldered on the board will blow and the board will need to be replaced.
  • If the jumpers are set to 120V and placed on a 24V system there will not be enough power for the board to operate properly.

How can I change the jumpers?

  • To change between the two different supply voltages, two jumpers must be set inside each clock. This setting is completed by American Time when your clock(s) are built according to the part number ordered.
  • In rare cases the system may have 120V Run Lines and 24V Correction.
  • You can also change these yourself, if needed.

My wired clocks are not synchronized.

  • Make certain the AllSync IQ master is running the correct clock code.
  • If the AllSync IQ master time was recently changed, allow up to 24 hours for secondary clocks to re-synchronize to the AllSync IQ master.
  • Make sure there is enough voltage across each secondary clock for the run line and correction line when voltage is applied.
  • If the hands spin continuously and fewer than 25 AllSync secondary clocks are connected to the system controller, the secondary clocks might not recognize the correction from the AllSync IQ master.
  • Is there constant voltage on the Correction Line?
  • Connect all intended clocks to allow time for normal AllSync IQ master correction. If secondary clocks still have not corrected, you may need additional hardware. Contact American Time Technical Support for information on adding a Resistor Pack (Part #H001941) to your system.

How long will it take to get my clocks on time?

  • The clocks can take 24-36 hours to get on time, depending on the correction protocol.

My clock doesn’t run at all and there is no LED light.

  • Verify master clock is wired and operating correctly.
  • Verify wiring to clock (check voltage using voltmeter).
  • If you plugged a 24v clock onto a 110v, the power fuse will have blown, and the LED light will not work.
    • Verify jumper location on the circuit board.

My clock shows the wrong time.

  • What color is the LED light on the side of the dust box?
  • If a solid red, wait for 12 hour correction- If clock has been on system for 24 hours swap it with a known working clock.
  • If the LED light is green but the time is still off, contact American Time.

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