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SiteSync Wireless Clocks

Accurate time. Synchronized clocks. Effortless maintenance.

Wireless clocks are perfect for any sized business, school or organization that wants accurate time, without the need for wires. Keep everyone in a building or campus on time with wireless clocks that can be hung in any location, without the need for boosters or repeaters.

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Wireless Analog Clocks

These clocks automatically join the SiteSync IQ wireless clock system and can be customized with a variety of materials or your logo.

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all precise time

Keep everyone on the same, precise time

Across a building or campus, keep meetings, classes, appointments and shifts flowing smoothly. Wireless clocks keep time no matter what!

easy setup

Easy set up

Hang a clock wherever it gets a signal – no need for wires!

low maintenance

Don’t spend time on time

SiteSync wireless clocks run up to five years on a battery pack and automatically adjust for daylight saving time, so you can forget about fixing clocks!

brand clocks

Stay on brand

Choose from many material options for wireless analog clocks, or add a logo or image to the clock face!

Fast Facts on Wireless Analog Clocks

Keep precise time using wireless system clocks.

  • Accurate time to 1/10 of a second
  • Automatic updates for daylight saving time (where applicable)
  • Integrate clocks across rooms or buildings for consistent scheduling and timekeeping
  • Corrects and updates 4 times per day
  • Compatible with SiteSync IQ system controller
  • An unlimited number of clocks can rely on the time synchronization signal

Wireless Digital Clocks

Bright and bold, these durable clocks display time, date and messages on the SiteSync IQ wireless clock system.

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wireless accessories

Wireless Clock Accessories

Test, protect and organize to get the most out of your wireless clocks.

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“Not having to reset clocks by hand after time changes, power outages, etc. was great!”

We replaced our old, outdated Edwards dual speed synchro wired clocks with SiteSync IQ Wireless Clocks and now we have clocks that keep perfect time!

- Dennis E. - Assistant Plant Manager
1200 guard

Don’t Forget a Protective Guard!

You’ve spent time and money choosing the right equipment for your building. Be sure to protect it from accidental damage, theft, or the elements! We have sturdy, attractive and easy-to-install protective guards to fit your needs.

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Fast Facts on Wireless Digital Clocks

These digital clocks display accurate time and allow for basic communication through a connection to a SiteSync IQ master clock – all without wires!

  • Accurate time to 1/10 of a second
  • Automatic updates for daylight saving time (where applicable)
  • Send messages, display dates, and count down to a bell or schedule change
  • Integrate clocks across rooms or buildings for consistent scheduling and timekeeping
  • Hourly communication with master clock to ensure accuracy and synchronization
  • Compatible with most major-brand wired system clock systems

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“Before the American Time system, students claimed that they didn’t hear the bell and that’s why they were late for class.”

Now we have a visual countdown and an audible bell. We knew there had to be a better way, and there was. The clocks are the foundation of what makes the tardy policy work.

- Angi M. - Assistant Principal

Troubleshooting SiteSync Wireless Clocks? Our Wireless Clock FAQs Can Help!

Why isn’t my clock going to time?

  • Is your master/system controller out of Quiet Mode? Push 3-5-7 to turn Quiet Mode off for 6 hours. And then Power cycle the clock.

My clock isn’t moving.

  • Check to ensure the correct power is supplied to the clock.
  • Check to see that the pin was removed from the movement.

The hands keep spinning…

  • If the movement on your clock is a Hechinger, the clock will most likely need to be updated due to worn gear(s) in the movement.
  • On a Headway movement (there are 3 buttons on the movement),
    • The movement may be defective. Power cycled the clock and verify if the hands keep spinning.
    • Switch out the cable between the receiver and the movement
  • If the movements still do not go to time, contact American Time 800-328-8996.

How long should the clock(s) take to get to time?

  • If the master/system controller is out of Quiet Mode, and the clock is from 2017 or newer, it should take about 10 minutes for the clock to go to time.
  • If the clock is older than 2017, and has a Hechinger movement, it will take 20-30 minutes.

Some of my wireless clocks are off time.

  • Are the clocks that are furthest from the master/system controller not on time? This indicates possible radio signal weakness.
  • Are the clocks all the same vintage (manufacturing date)? Move the clocks closer and power cycle and see if the receiver’s light turns green. If green, the radio in the master/system controller might be losing strength.

Let’s Talk About Saving Your Time

You want your clocks to run right for years to come. We want to make it happen for you. Let’s talk about how we’ll do that.

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