AllSync IQ® Wired Master Clock System

AllSync IQ® Wired Master Clock System

And Compatible AllSync Plus System Wired Wall Clocks

Our AllSync IQ® Master Clock System gives you precise control over the wired clocks in your building, ensuring they all show the same, precise time. 

Whether you are installing a new wired system or need to replace a failing old system, the AllSync master clock and AllSync Pus® wired wall clocks work with most major-brand wired systems – so there’s no need to throw out wired clocks that are still working!

AllSync gives you the precision and flexibility to ensure synchronized time for your organization. Key features include:

  • Easily manage all clocks from the master keypad or remotely from a computer
  • Synchronize clocks with bell signals and electrical circuits (such as door locks) for increased security and efficiency
  • Automatic adjustments for daylight saving time
  • Easy installation with our polarized, color-coded Molex plug