Lifetouch Wifi Clock Business Case Study

Life Touch Clock for Case Study

Lifetouch® Cut Maintenance Costs and Employee Tardiness with Wi-Fi Network Clocks

Company Overview - Lifetouch, Inc. is the nation's largest provider of school photography and the largest employee-owned photography company in the world. For more than 75 years and in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico, it has provided quality childhood, student and family photographs for million of people. It currently has 700 studios, including The Studio at Target and JC Penny Portraits. The company also preserves school portraits and memories with quality keepsakes for schools, students and families, as well as provides visual media services and products for businesses.

Challenge - For several years, Lifetouch searched for an easy-to-use and affordable synchronized clock system for its headquarters in Eden Prairie, Minn. The company was using a variety of battery-operated clock styles and types throughout its property, which all displayed slightly different times and added an inconsistent look to the campus. This also lead to employee tardiness at company meetings, complaints about the clocks being out of sync, batteries going bad and extra maintenance time for adjusting the clocks during daylight saving time twice per year.

Solution - Lifetouch learned of American Time and its wifi network clock offering at the IFMA World Workplace conference. Lifetouch discussed synchronized timekeeping solutions with other vendors, but ultimately selected American Time Wi-Fi network clocks because of their consistency in design, ability to synchronize with the existing Wi-Fi system and ability to automatically update during daylight saving time. Furthermore, thanks to long battery life, the clocks do not require maintenance for five years.

"When we heard about American Time's Wi-Fi network clocks, I knew that was the solution we'd been looking for," said Steve Elison, director of facility management at Lifetouch. "Other solutions needed a controller, or wiring, or extra infrastructure in order to synchronize. But with Wi-Fi, the clocks arrive preconfigured to our Wi-Fi network, and all we have to do is hang them on the wall. Once we found out how easy Wi-Fi clocks are to get up and running, the decision to invest in synchronized time was an easy one."

Wi-Fi network clocks keep precise time throughout a building, which is crucial for optimizing the flow of occupants and employee productivity. The American Time Wi-Fi network clock technology receives a precise time signal from a facility's network time server on a regular basis, which allows it to display the same, accurate time on every clock. Because the clocks use existing network infrastructure, there is no need for additional equipment, license fees, managed services or other associated costs. The clocks' staggered wake times mean that Lifetouch will not notice any extra load or slow-down of its existing Wi-Fi system.

Results - Lifetouch purchased black molded plastic clocks for its conference center to test the ease of use and quality of American Tme's customer service.

"The installation process went like clockwork," Elison said with a chuckle. "The clocks arrived; we pulled the green pin, plugged in the battery pack plug and waited five minutes for the clocks to set themselves to the network time. It was so easy. These were absolutely the perfect fit for us and American Time provided excellent service throughout the entire process."

With the Wi-Fi network clocks, Lifetouch has experienced fewer complaints about meetings not ending on time. Employee can now rely on the clocks to display the same, correct time and customer satisfaction has been enhanced as a result. Furthermore, maintenance costs have decreased thanks to the clocks' five-year battery life and automatic updating for daylight saving time twice per year.

In addition to the benefits of synchronized time, Elison noted the importance of having a consistent look on the clocks throughout the campus.

"We chose the option to include our company logo on each clock for free," he explained. "This consistent look has been another big benefit. It gives our conference rooms a professional, clean look that aligns with our brand."

Because of the success of the initial clock order and superior customer service, Lifetouch plans to order more American Time Wi-Fi network clocks for its headquarters campus.