The International Programs School of Saudi Arabia is Live with American Time Wi-Fi and PoE Clock Technology

International Programs School clock

American Time Wi-Fi and Power over Ethernet clocks were selected by leading regional construction contractor, AlSuwaiket

Dassel, Minn. DATE 2020 - American Time, a market leader in synchronized time solutions, announced that the International Programs School in Dammam, Saudi Arabia is live with its Wi-Fi Network and Power over Ethernet (PoE) clock systems. This is American Time’s first installation in the kingdom. 

The project contractor was AlSuwaiket Trading and Contracting, a leading Middle East construction company that has built some of the most critical roads, bridges and buildings in the region. AlSuwaiket chose 222 American Time Wi-Fi network clocks for classrooms and offices, as well as 11 double-sided PoE clocks for the school’s hallways and common areas. Together, the clock systems cover the entire 55,000 square meter (592,000 square foot) school that spans four buildings. 

Despite concrete walls and floors, American Time clock technology provides reliable coverage throughout the campus. The International Programs School’s Wi-Fi network clocks display accurate, synchronized time down to the second by receiving a precise time signal from the network time server at regular intervals. The clocks’ five-year battery life frees up maintenance staff to focus on other needs, and staggered wake times do not have a noticeable impact on the school’s Wi-Fi network. Wi-Fi clocks can also be conveniently hung anywhere in a classroom, making it easy for teachers to adjust the room layout. 

With American Time digital PoE clocks, the International Programs School has a sleek and crisp technology for clear visibility in high-traffic areas. PoE clocks draw both power and time updates from the school’s Ethernet connection, eliminating the need for AC receptacles, batteries or a master clock. Like Wi-Fi clocks, each digital clock is synchronized and displays the same accurate time.   

Furthermore, the International Programs School avoided the need to purchase a separate time server, which would have added extra cost and redundancy to the project. Neither Wi-Fi clocks nor PoE clocks require a separate time server equipment because they receive time synchronization from the IP network. 

“We needed a simple and easy-to-maintain clock system, and American Time’s responsiveness and follow-up swayed our decision to work with them,” said Don Lewis, director of IT for AlSuwaiket Trading and Contracting. “We opted for Wi-Fi rather than a master clock for ease of installation, as we felt NTP server is just as reliable in a school environment as a master clock. We simply set our bell and PA system to the same NTP server address for synchronization. They worked right out of the box as described without any adjustment on our side other than defining the network ID.”  

“Schools and building contractors are looking for efficient and reliable clock technology for their campuses,” said George Wilkes, president of American Time. “We are pleased to serve AlSuwaiket and the International Programs School, and to expand our impact in the region by delivering high quality, synchronized time solutions that deliver accurate time and peace of mind.” 

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