Health Care Testimonials

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“The wireless clock system is pretty much a “no brainer” to install. For us to install the master unit and test with the pager took around an hour. We had an area that worked well for us that didn’t require a lot of work to set-up.”

Mark Wiley
Memorial Hospital of Bedford, Everett, PA

“Thank you for the help with our new SiteSync wireless clock system. We are very pleased with how well our system is working and how easy it was to install, really just "plug and play". It's nice to know that even in a building the size of ours that one main unit can control clocks on top floors as well as the lower ones. No repeaters, no FCC licenses that need renewing, everything was ready to go from the time of delivery forward.”

Glen Johnson
Fairview Southdale Hospital

“Kaiser Permanente is very, very satisfied with the SiteSync clock system. It is a very good system and we love it!”

Lead Boiler Operator
Kaiser Permanente, Santa Clara, CA

“Thanks for going above and beyond what would normally be expected. You have been more than helpful and a delight to work with.”

Jeremiah Harvey
Master Electrician
Susan B Allen Memorial Hospital