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Power Over Ethernet

PoE Network Clocks

Global time precision with no Master Clock required.

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PoE Clocks Deliver Accurate Time anywhere in the World

Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks are a durable and precise technology that delivers accurate time for meetings, classes, work shifts and more. Easy to install with zero maintenance, these beautiful analog or digital clocks give you accurate time and peace of mind.

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Get synchronized time quickly and economically

No need to purchase a Master Clock or deal with serial connections. PoE clocks get both time and power from an Ethernet cable connected to a Local Area Network.

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Fast set up, no maintenance

Clocks arrive set to your time zone. Simply plug the clock into a Cat5 Ethernet cable, which provides both power and time synchronization to the clock.

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Keep everyone on the same time

Factory-set to your time zone, PoE clocks display accurate time anywhere in the world and automatically adjust for daylight saving time changes where applicable.

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Optional buzzer system for clearer time communication

No need for a separate bell system! PoE clocks’ optional buzzer is the perfect solution for a building that needs signaling but doesn’t have a bell system in place.

“We looked at several companies who sold network clocks and PoE clocks. The interaction with American Time was far better than many of the other companies.”

You made the process extremely easy and painless…The quality of the American Time clock was far superior to that of some competitors who were actually charging a higher price. We will look towards American Time should we need to purchase Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks again…

- Jon C - Director of Information Technology

The Latest Release of inCloud Simplifies Clock and Device Management!

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How PoE Clocks Work

PoE network clocks draw both power and time updates from your organization’s Ethernet connection. PoE clocks are energy-efficient and eliminate the need for AC receptacles and the use of batteries. You’ll love the hassle-free installation and maintenance of these synchronized clocks!

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Fast Facts on PoE Clocks

  • Accurate time to 1/10 of a second
  • Digital or analog clock options
  • Countdown/elapsed time capabilities (digital clocks)
  • Optional elapsed time indicator/Code Blue functionality (digital clocks)
  • Optional image or logo on clock face (analog clocks)
  • Signaling buzzer options
  • Automatic updates for daylight saving time (where applicable)
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Get Total Control with the inCloud Management Portal for Network Clocks

The inCloud Management Portal lets you quickly and easily set up, schedule, manage and monitor your network clocks and devices!

inCloud gives you visibility into clock and device power status, connection quality, time sync and battery life, along with easy buzzer clock scheduling and changes. Set up your devices faster and easily monitor their status to simplify time management across your facility and save valuable maintenance hours!

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Setting Up Your Network Clocks is Easier Than Ever!

The American Time Network Clock Setup App for Android makes configuring and provisioning network clocks easy – saving precious time and headaches. The app is also integrated with the inCloud management portal, making clock activation simple. Download it on Google Play.

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Troubleshooting PoE Clocks? Our PoE Clock FAQs Can Help!

My clock stays at 12:00.

  • Check to see that your clock is receiving the time.
  • Check that your clock is on the PoE network.
  • Check that there are enough addresses available for the number of PoE clocks you have.
  • Check that the clock is plugged into a POE injector/switch.

What category cable will work with the clocks?

  • AT5, CAT5E or CAT6 will work.

Should the switch be Passive or Active?

  • Active is recommended.

My clock doesn’t work when it’s plugged in.

  • Does the RJ45 cable that was plugged into the clock have PoE on it? Most Ethernet cables do NOT have PoE, which comes from a special PoE-capable switch or a special device called a PoE injector, which is a separate device. Make sure that one of these are in place and that you are connected to them.
  • If PoE is on the cable and the clock still isn’t working, look at the LED light on the receiver of the clock. It will be red, amber, or green.
    • If the LED is any color other than green, the clock will never move from the position that it is in.
    • Red means the clock cannot talk to your network; if that’s the case, refer to the clock manual of the clock for further information or call us.
    • If the LED is amber, you should be able to go into the clock in Network Clock Connect and update its SNTP server under the Network tab. By default, we offer four of our own Time Servers that anyone may freely use, and we keep them updated so that you do not have to do this again.

My PoE clock doesn’t show up on Network Clock Connect.

Most of the time, this is a network issue.

  • You need to be on the same subnet as your clocks.
  • Is Broadcasting ( allowed on your network? In Network Clock Connect, there is a “Broadcast IP” window that should have the broadcast address of the network that the clock is on. If the Broadcasting IP is correct and the clock(s) still don’t show up, then add an exception to Windows firewall to allow our program out. Contact your IT team if you don’t know how.
  • A port may be blocked on the network. If you suspect this is the case, talk to the American Time support team and we can give you a list of the ports that need to be open.

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