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SKU: 3406-110V

Outdoor or indoor, these durable bells ensure everyone in the building or area is alerted and on time!
  • Type: Signaling Equipment


Product Specs

Choose from several bell types! The vibrating AC-powered bells (popular with institutional or industrial customers) produce a continuous ringing sound and come in a variety of sizes, voltages and styles. Wireless bells are triggered manually or wirelessly by the SiteSync IQ System Controller/Master Clock and are scheduled using the Remote Connect web portal.

  • Wireless Bells
  • Factory set to a wired signal circuit relay in the system controller
  • Part number indicates the system controller circuit to which it’s configured
  • 2 year warranty
  • Vibrating AC Supering Bells
  • Continuous ringing sound for as long as power is applied
  • Available in a number of sizes, voltages, and decibels
  • Pigtail type with universal backplate
  • Gray finish with red labels
  • Completely assembled with gong shell
  • Phosphate rust-protected
  • UL Listed
  • 1 year warranty
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