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SKU: 80-17

The clocks in your building or campus are keeping everyone productive and on time. Protect their value with high-quality motors!
  • Type: Motor
  • RPM: 1
  • Rotation: CW


Please contact us at 800-328-8996 for more information and availability.

Product Specs

For the DIYer, we have everything you need to get the job done right! These motors will replace those found in American Time clocks and many major-brand wall clocks.

  • Huge variety of motors and motor options available!
  • Wall clock motors for American Time clocks
  • Synchron wall clock motors for major-brand clocks, including Cincinnati, Dukane, Edwards, Faraday, Honeywell, IBM, Lathem, National Time, Simplex, Standard, and others
  • Time recorder motors
  • Damper control motors
  • Motors for C Style movements
  • Replacement system clock motors for mechanical movements
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