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SKU: H005254

Solve correction issues on your 24V wired clock system with this in-line resistor pack.
  • Type: Power Booster & Power Supply


Product Specs

Is your wired clock system not operating correctly? The culprit may be stray voltage on the correction line from the system controller.

Stray correction voltage is a common issue. One of the most frequent cases we encounter is when mechanical clocks are replaced with our new AllSync Plus clocks. Mechanical clocks consume more power during correction and are less sensitive to voltage fluctuation, so they may create enough resistance on the line to mask excess voltage or not be affected by it.

When some or all of these clocks are replaced with the more efficient AllSync Plus clocks, that resistance may disappear, causing there to be constant voltage on the correction line and preventing the clocks from correcting properly. Wiring this resistor pack into your correction line can clean up that power and keep your system running smoothly.

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