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Stopper® Station Lockdown Button, Indoor/Outdoor, Yellow w/Horn ›


Stopper Station lockdown buttons provide a highly visible and easily accessible point to activate your EverAlert lockdown notification system or other standard lockdown systems. With a clear, outdoor-rated cover and optional audible cover alarm to prevent accidental activation, these buttons are an effective and economical solution for providing remote activation capability to the lockdown system in your school, campus or facility.
  • Type: Safety Products


Product Specs

An effective lockdown system requires the ability to initiate a lockdown as quickly as possible. This means lockdown buttons need to be accessible at multiple points throughout your building or campus.

Stopper Station lockdown buttons are the ideal solution for connecting to the EverAlert Integrator to implement remote lockdown functionality to your EverAlert system.

These lockdown buttons may also be connected to other lockdown systems which use a simple normally-open or normally-closed contact switch to activate and deactive their alarm state.

  • Enclosure rated for outdoor use
  • Audible horn sounds on opening of cover
  • Optional LED button illumination
  • Turn-to-Reset button/switch
  • ADA-compliant
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