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Tile Bridge for 8-inch Speaker, Round Cutout ›


A tile-bridge distributes the weight of a speaker assembly to the ceiling support structure in a suspended 2x2 or 2x4 tile ceiling, reducing the likelihood of tiles sagging under the weight of the speaker, and helping to maintain the overall aesthetics of the installation. Tile-bridges are often required by local building codes for safety purposes. The LBS8-R1 can be used with or without a backbox depending on local building codes and the style and weight of the speaker assembly. Compatible with Lowell 8" drivers (810 series).
  • Type: Audio Components


Product Specs

Formed construction, lightweight, rigid support
24-gauge galvanized steel
23.75 in. x 15.5 in.
10.75 in. diameter opening
Wire-tie points for seismic anchoring where required by code, multiple attachment points
For Driver Size: 8 inch
For Grille Type: Screw-mount or torsion
Backbox Requirements: Use with or without backbox

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