Small School District Saves Time and Money throughout the Year with American Time Wireless Clocks

In rural Minnesota, the combined school district of Atwater, Cosmos and Grove City has a total of 328 elementary students. In 2009, after years of complaints, wasting time changing batteries and trying to repair old clocks, ACGC purchased a SiteSync IQ wireless clock system from American Time & Signal Co. for the North and South Elementary schools.

Carol Hoff, a custodian at the Cosmos school for the past 16 years, is thrilled with the maintenance-free wireless clocks. “We used to have to run around and reset the clocks twice a year after Daylight Saving Time. Now, we save at least 3 hours for every DST change.

“And we get some pretty bad storms in our area, so we save time after every power outage, too. We were without power for over 6 hours after a storm. My co-worker, Sue, and I thought for sure it was going to be a nightmare re-setting the clocks. When we arrived at the school, we found they were all running on time. WOW! We had one less headache to take care of that day.”

According to Hoff, ACGC also saves time throughout the year because they no longer have to change batteries. “We bought clocks with the battery booster pack where the batteries are included. I don’t expect to change batteries for several years. I love the fact that clocks are zero maintenance for me and every clock is dead-on accurate to one another.”

Hoff also describes how teachers and students enjoy that the new clocks have their logo on the clock dial. “The old clocks were just plain, old, boring clocks. Everyone is really impressed with our Falcon. It’s a plus to the school. We are really happy with our clocks.”

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