Manufacturer improves punctuality, ensures accurate employee compensation and eliminates tardiness debates with synchronized time


DMR Electronics designs, manufactures and remanufactures industrial electronic components and wiring harnesses. The company focuses primarily on trucking, heavy equipment, oil field, transit and rail applications. DMR also provides contract manufacturing services for circuit board assemblies.


DMR relied on atomic clocks throughout its manufacturing facility, but the clocks did not keep accurate time reliably. In addition, employees relied on computers, mobile phones or other clocks for the time, though none of those devices were in sync with company clocks.

“We were growing and expanding fast, but employees didn’t have reliable clocks for calculating shift changes or break times,” said Dave Rhode, plant operations manager at DMR. “There were lots of debates about whether an employee was really tardy or not, whether some people were abusing their break times by leaving early and returning late, and whether meetings were starting and ending on time.”


As DMR planned to move into a new 60,000 square foot space, it was the right time to find a clock system that worked. Rhode researched synchronized time systems and quickly chose American Time. “It was a low-cost solution that would help us eliminate our constant problem with timekeeping,” he said. “The cost of the system would definitely be less than what we would gain in terms of accurately tracking employee time and reducing tardiness. Senior management approved the purchase quickly.”

Rhode chose the American Time SiteSync IQ wireless clock system and a 10-watt controller, along with 40 assorted digital, calendar and wireless analog clocks. With SiteSync IQ, DMR has a synchronized timekeeping solution that can wirelessly synchronize and control all company clocks on the property to ensure the same, precise time is shown. In addition, future clocks can easily be added and managed by the SiteSync IQ controller.


SiteSync IQ precisely controls all of DMR’s wireless clocks, along with every device on the network, to show the same, precise time. With every clock on DMR’s property now showing the correct time, meetings, shifts and breaks all begin and end accurately. DMR also included its logo on the new wireless clocks – a free benefit provided by American Time.

“Our policy is that every clock in the facility has to be tied to our American Time system. We don’t even let employees bring in their own clocks,” said Rhode. “It’s helped eliminate the arguments about whether an employee is punching in and out at the right time. We have a rigid attendance policy, and now we can enforce it with no debates. ”

Rhode noted the cost of a meeting that includes many employees. “It was expensive to have salaried employees sitting in a room, waiting 5-10 minutes for a meeting to start because some clocks ran late. But now, every meeting starts on time and we can hold everyone accountable.”

As the company continues to grow, any additional wireless clocks will be automatically detected and synched by the master controller. “We want to eventually add another 40,000 square feet, and this system is expandable and able to grow with us,” explained Rhode.

With a free site visit and clock audit by American Time experts, DMR was sure to get the right system to make its operations efficient, now and into the future. “Everyone at American Time has been extremely helpful and cooperative,” said Rhode. “They visited our plant, discussed the options with us, and brought a demo unit to take some readings. They recommended a system that has met our needs 100 percent.”