AllSync IQ® Wired Master Clock System

AllSync IQ® Wired Master Clock System

And Compatible AllSync Plus System Wired Wall Clocks

With the combination of American Time's AllSync IQ® Wired Master Clock and AllSync Plus® System Clocks, you can finally manage all of your current wired clocks from the keypad or remotely from your computer. 

Our master clock and our wired wall clocks work with all major-brand wired clock systems.

On it's own, the AllSync IQ® Master Clock will give you precision control over your failing secondary wired clocks and timing systems. The master clock also automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time (DST).

The AllSync IQ® is the the perfect replacement for a diminished master clock since it works with the clocks you have as well as with new replacement clocks. Our master clock not only provides synchronized timing and control with these secondary clocks but also with bell signals and electrical circuits.

Swapping out your wall clocks is a snap with our AllSync Plus® system wall clocks. American Time's always-compatible AllSync Plus® system wall clocks are shipped with our polarized, color-coded Molex plug, so you can’t plug it in wrong.