Tamper Dye for Fire Alarms

Reduce False Alarms and Catch the Culprit "Blue-Handed"!

This gel-like, vegetable-based tamper dye is used to reduce vandalism and false alarms. Simply apply a small amount of gel to pull station handles. When the handle is pulled, the culprit's hand will get covered with the blue color and be immediately identifiable. 

The dye activates and spreads with water, so the entire hand turns blue when washed. Tamper dye stays on the hands 2-7 days, even after multiple washings.

One 10ml syringe covers approximately 40-50 fire pull stations (depending on how much dye is applied to each fire alarm station).

 Note: Tamper Dye is not returnable if the package has been opened.

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Tamper Dye in Use Tamper Dye Blue Hand
Tamper Dye in Use Tamper Dye Blue Hand

Tamper Dye
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