Punctuality is Important at Holy Cross Elementary School; and It’s Vital to American Time, Too

When Mrs. Jacono became the Principal at Holy Cross Elementary School in Dover, Delaware, among the many challenges she faced, the inaccuracy from the non-standardized battery clocks between the five buildings on campus was something she knew she needed to address. Punctuality is an important life lesson and Jacono was adamant about having accurate clocks in her school.

Quite often people don’t think about the synchronization of their clocks; but questions can arise when a student is sent to the Nurse’s office and it appears to take 15 minutes for what should be a less than a three minute walk.

Due to the age and construction of the brick buildings, connecting all the buildings with a hard-wired system was too costly to consider. Future Works Enterprises, a local systems integrator, provided a free site survey to determine a full-campus solution that would fall within the school’s budget constraints. Online research and competitive quotes resulted in a recommendation by Paul Huffman at Future Works to install SiteSync IQ wireless clocks manufactured by American Time

“I did my homework when I was searching for the best possible solution for Holy Cross. A wireless clock system made the most sense from both an installation and an investment standpoint because it only requires one head-end controller for the entire campus. This minimized the overall investment necessary by the school to accomplish a campus-wide solution. The product features, competitive pricing and responsiveness from the American Time Sales Team were the winning combination to be awarded the project.”

“We chose the most cost-effective, feature-rich wireless clock system, along with a local installer. I count on Future Works for ongoing system support and integration”, explains Jacono.

The new wireless clocks are synchronized with a combination hard-wired and wireless bell system. A 5-minute warning bell before school start signals the students to move to their classes. Throughout the day children move on time to their next classroom or activity.

Holy Cross chose to use the free logo service provided by American Time for the clocks in public areas. The clock in the gym with the logo enhances school spirit. The school chose non-logo clocks for the classrooms to minimize distractions.

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