Nonprofit organization achieves more accurate time, less maintenance costs with American Time SiteSync IQ Wireless Clock System.


Resource Training and Solutions is a Minnesota Service Cooperative. As a nonprofit public corporation and member-driven organization of school districts and government agencies, Resource Training and Solutions provides support services and solutions to teach those who teach children and run government agencies throughout Central Minnesota. This includes facilitating academic events, leadership development and training for school administrators and teachers as well as providing high-quality health insurance, best-value vendors for government purchases, wellness programs and more.


Resource Training relied on atomic clocks in the training and meeting rooms throughout its facility to display the same, accurate time. Atomic clocks rely on a radio signal from Colorado to keep time. But due to the structure of the building in which Resource Training was located, the clocks did not keep precise time.

When daylight saving time happened twice per year, the timekeeping situation became even worse. Some clocks started spinning their hands while others never caught up to the new time. Resource Training employees had to lay the clocks on a table near the window so they could adjust to each time change. At times, the clocks sat on the tables for days or even weeks and still did not reset to the correct time.

Resource Training sought a timekeeping solution that would give its employees peace of mind that the clocks were accurate throughout the year, avoid any issues with daylight saving time and ensure hassle-free maintenance.


As Resource Training planned the building of its new offices, it heard about American Time’s solutions. The company selected SiteSync IQ Wireless Clocks because of their ease of use and low maintenance requirements. Once installed, the clocks received a signal from a server that informed the clock of the correct time. During daylight saving time twice per year, the clocks updated automatically; no need for maintenance staff to make the adjustments.


With the SiteSync IQ Wireless System, Resource Training has benefited from more accurate time displays, less money and time spent on maintaining the clocks and fewer complaints from employees about inaccurate clocks. “The installation of the system was pretty much plug-and-play,” said Anthony Farag, purchasing specialist and trainer, Resource Training and Solutions. “We also chose the free option of displaying our company logo on the clocks, so they look very professional in our training rooms. But best of all, they all display the same time and our staff spends a fraction of their time on clock maintenance!”

Because of its innovative solution and outstanding customer service, American Time has become a preferred vendor in Resource Training’s Cooperative Purchasing Program.