Education Testimonials

Our customers say it best! Read what our customers say about American Time's quality products and world-class customer service.

“We're very happy with the wifi clock 802.11n upgrade to enterprise security. It was very easy to install. Also, with so many devices on our network, the upgrade gives us peace of mind knowing that our Wi-Fi clocks and systems are secure and that they aren't an open door for anyone to access our network.”

Alyssa Heinen
Maintenance Electrician
St. Cloud State University

“I installed our new SiteSync Wireless System yesterday at our Ready Springs campus and you were not kidding. The hardest thing was to drill the hole for the antenna wire. I lucked out and was able to fish the wire through the weather head for the phone wire. It took me less than 30 minutes to get the system out of the box, mount the antennas and program the receiver for Pacific Time Zone. What an easy task! The 10 watt transmitter seems to cover our campus well.”

Ken Pearson
Supervisor of Maintenance & Operation
Ready Springs Union School District

“The SiteSync IQ wireless system you sold us in the Spring is up and running. The controller is tied into the bell system and programmed. We have about half the clocks yet to install before start of school in September, but I am confident everything will work well. Thanks for making a nice product that works as advertised. That Remote Connect web interface is pretty slick.”

Jared Mance
Director of Facilities and Operations
Onteora Central School District

“I just wanted to let you know that I received my repaired clock yesterday and I re-installed it this morning. I would also like to thank you for the quick turnaround. I will definitely send any future clock repairs to your company. The service was exceptional.”

Dan Dickman
Director of Buildings and Grounds
Willow Springs School District

“We had recently purchased the SiteSync Wireless Master System and 15 clocks to go with the system from American Time. When the system arrived it took me approximately 1 hour to hook the transmitter and antenna up and put it in place. We then went around the school from one end to the other and put clocks up in various rooms. Within a few minutes all the clocks synchronized to the right time. The teachers and staff appreciate having the same time in each area correct after all these years. We are considering adding more clocks as the budget allows. If you are considering looking into a clock system I would sure check this system out for your facility. It works great.”

Donnie Mayer
Building & Grounds Supervisor
Paynesville Area Schools

“We have really appreciated your tech support and now your follow-up clock repairs. Thank you.”

C. S.
School District #13

“I called 14 different companies to find what I needed. American Time was the only company who had it!”

Stone Church Christian Academy

“I just wanted to drop you a note in reference to our new clock system at Ogilvie Public Schools. We were having all types of troubles with our old system until we switched over to your new SiteSync Wireless Clock System. Ever since, we are very happy with our new system and recommend it to anyone who is thinking about a new system.”

Bruce Anderson
Director of Building, Grounds and Maintenance
Ogilvie Public Schools

“Not having to reset clocks by hand after time changes, power outages, etc. was Great! We replaced our old, outdated Edwards dual speed synchro wired clocks with SiteSync IQ Wireless Clocks and now we have clocks that keep perfect time!

"What a blessing. These wall clocks reset after power failures and time changes. The signal range is amazing! Your support team is also fantastic, from Rosie in the quote department, Janelle who assisted me with your tech team of Scott and Tom, to Glen in product support who helped me understand wiring configurations for ease of installation. You folks are super! I wish more companies had service like yours.”

Dennis Elliott
Assistant Plant Manager
St. Justin Martyr School

“I absolutely love the American Time SiteSync wireless clock system. This is the best solution for keeping everyone on time. We have SiteSync in a number of schools and plan to expand SiteSync replacement clock systems to all our facilities.”

Dave Grandy
B&G Supervisor
Waconia ISD #110

“I am very impressed with the quality of your products and the support you provide them. We are starting to plan replacement clock systems for more schools in our district.”

Jon Hall
Director of Technology
Pennsville School District, NJ

“Thanks for your work on this. It looks great. We appreciate all the help you have given to us to create custom logo clocks for our school. You guys are awesome!”

Pat Devine
Litchfield School District

“We're very happy with the clocks and the dial face artwork. We've received numerous comments concerning how good they look. Thanks for everything!”

David L. Raleigh
Assistant Principal
Frankfort High School

“I would like to thank Tony at American Time. Our field test of the SiteSync IQ went great! The service was fast and friendly.

And the artwork on the custom dials is awesome! I've never seen principals be so excited about clocks, and the high school principal couldn't believe how easy it was to change bell times on his computer instead of having to go into the server room.

When we went to purchase the system and asked about interference between two buildings if we bought a second system later, Tony suggested going to a 10 watt system to cover both schools. He could have easily sold us two systems, but instead he looked out for our best interest and provided us with a system that could take care of our entire campus for just a little bit more money.

I would recommend this system to anyone who has a need to have several clocks and bells all in sync. It works great at a fraction of the price of a hard wired system."

John Boyd
Transportation Director
Morley Stanwood Community Schools

“I wanted to let you know that our new clock system is working GREAT…and I have a feeling when other building principals see what we have and how it works, you could be getting some more business. As a matter of fact, when I announced to our staff members in our meeting yesterday that we were now on 'real' time throughout the building, everyone cheered. (I didn't know it was that much of an issue, but apparently it was.) Thanks again for your extra efforts and I look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. You are welcome to use us as a reference anytime.”

Rick Heacock
Asst. Principal
Martinsville High School

“Out of all the vendors I deal with, American Time's clock customer service is the most professional and helpful.”

Raymond Schlauck
Brick Township Board of Education

“American Time has raised the bar on clock system support.

"We needed a clock partner who would support the variety of systems and clocks that we have in our 80 schools. The clock experts at American Time work well with us and resolve our problems quickly. They offer quality products that work well and their SiteSync IQ wireless clock system integrates with message boards.”

John Butler
Loudon County Schools

“For me, it's a no brainer to recommend your company. I think you are doing everything very well. Great clock customer service. Great people. Great line of clock products. And most of all, you are a USA company.

"I can tell your company (American Time) has high standards for your people, your product and your service. Don't ever change from that.”

Rick Adams
Algona Community Schools

“I have been purchasing products from American Time for over 10 years and they have consistently exceeded my expectations in every area. In a time where customer service and personal attention to the customer seem to be waning or non-existent, they excel. Every salesperson I've dealt with has been extremely courteous and helpful.

All of my orders have been on time and the quality of their products seems to be exceptional. I recently purchased a complete wireless clock system for a major university which consisted of over 200 clocks, and we have not had one problem or defective item. I highly recommend American Time.”

Gary Williamson
Electrical Utilities Supervisor
Texas A&M Commerce

“The wireless clocks are incredibly easy to install. It still is amazing to me how the wireless clocks are able to receive the signal from the amplifier. The amplifying antenna is transmitting through thick concrete and/or brick buildings across the rolling topography of the campus.

Thanks also to Tom Nelson and Jim Koski. I was able to resolve all on-site issues that I had – and believe me there were several. I have not found customer care and service like this beyond the confines of our own company. The literature provided for the installation and programming was easy to read and follow. Any “gaps” due to special circumstances at the school were quickly resolved by Tom and Jim.

The school personnel are very pleased with the quality and look of the system and the ease of programming. I appreciate American Time’s customer care, fast response times and most of all its employees. I look forward to working with you and the rest of the team in the near future.”

Daniel L. Downs
V.P. - Sales
BEC, Inc

“The SiteSync IQ wireless clock system is an easy install. We receive reception in our deepest, darkest corners in the basement. The wired clock replacement system works great!

"You are really easy to work with and it has been a pleasure each time we contact you.”

Joe Kujawa
Physical Plant
Montana Tech of the University of Montana

“American Time , just a quick note to let you know the clocks have been installed in the newly remodeled Bridgeman Hall. They not only keep perfect time but also look great with our custom logo. The double-sided wall clocks in the halls have already received many compliments. It will be a comfort to our faculty, staff and students to have the clocks synchronized. It has been a pleasure working with you and your staff on the purchase of the SiteSync wireless clock system.”

Jeff Sande
Physical Plant Manager
Bemidji State University

“On Jan 1, on the back of the Pioneer was an artist rendering of Bemidji with all the landmarks of the community—Paul and Babe, the bridge over the Mississippi, Deputy Hall, the Alumni Arch and your (American Time's) clock tower at the Park House! I thought it's very neat that the custom clock is already viewed as a landmark in the community!”

Marla Huss Patrias
Director of Alumni Relations
Bemidji State University

“Our system went in without a hitch and works fantastically. The campus is extremely happy with the logo on the clocks and the fact that they can now go to anywhere on campus and the clocks all read the same time."

Charles Bender
Maintenance Supervisor
Las Positas College

“In January 2005, we opened a new middle school facility serving the educational needs of 2,200 students. We installed the SiteSync wireless clock system in our new facility. It became quickly apparent that our choice was an excellent one.

No wires, clocks set to the same time in every classroom, no manual update after power outages, no complaints - only compliments, imagine that! I want the personnel at American Time to know how much this customer values your quality product. I look foward to the conversion of our entire district to the SiteSync Wireless Clock System.”

Jerry Walseth
Superintendent of Schools
Brainerd, MN School District

“We have had great success replacing all our different manufacturers’ clocks using your wall clocks.”

Mick Gerard
Maint. & Ops.
Lake Elsinore School District, CA

“No challenge was too great for American Time.

"They designed a unique wireless solution for our school, which saved us thousands of dollars in building modifications. I chose the free 30-day sample because I wanted to guarantee it would work in my school. It worked as promised. I’m happy with the professional and courteous service too.”

Jeffrey Martin
Presentation High School

“...old clock system didn’t work. Consequently the bad system clocks were replaced with battery operated clocks all over campus that were not synchronized. The new SiteSync IQ wireless system we purchased is working fine. It was easy to install and the boys and staff here really like the clocks with the Hanna logo."

Wayne Antol
Hanna Boys Center

“American Time service associates are the easiest people to work with. You go all out when helping customers determine what is really needed. You provide timely information and great pricing.

We are using the AllSync Master ASMA06E and the ASMA02E for security purposes in our facility. There will be a certain bell signal as a warning if an emergency has occurred in our facility. You have helped to make the project a big success.”

Chris Lafleur
Lyndon Institute