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15” Wi-Fi 24V Round Surface Clock (Black Plastic, Dial 04) ›

SKU: W466BABD304

Easy set up. Precision time. inCloud-ready for powerful management and monitoring. Wi-Fi analog buzzer clocks connect to your existing Wi-Fi network to pull the right time.
  • Type: Analog Clock
  • Product Series: Wi-Fi
  • Color: Black
  • Power Type: 24V
  • Product Size: 15”
  • Bezel Color: Black
  • Double Sided: No
  • Bezel Material: Plastic
  • Shape: Round
  • Crystal Material: Poly
  • Installation Type: Surface Mount
  • Synchronous: Yes
  • Hanger Type: Economy (molded in)


Product Specs

Wi-Fi analog buzzer clocks get accurate time from your Wi-Fi network and are one of the fastest and one of the most cost-effective ways to get synchronized time. Wi-Fi buzzer clocks can be scheduled using inCloud to signal classroom and work shift changes in your building using a buzzer sound. Wi-Fi buzzer clocks are perfect for any business, school, or organization that needs precise time but doesn’t want or need to purchase a Master Clock, wires, or other infrastructure.
Wi-Fi buzzer clocks must be configured to your Wi-Fi network first. We can do that for you here at American Time or you can configure and provision them yourself. Either way, your clocks will search and find your Wi-Fi network, pull the accurate time, and display that time on its clock face. Using your network connection, all your computers, phones, clocks, and other devices will all show the same, precise time to keep your building or campus on track!

  • Accuracy ±1 second to the SNTP time server
  • 802.11b/g/n compatible
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment (where applicable)
  • Plug’n’play – can be preconfigured to automatically join your Wi-Fi network
  • User-programmable sync frequency
  • Wi-Fi, FCC, and ICES certified
  • RoHS compliant with SNTP time reference
  • Staggered wake times for unnoticeable network load
  • Wi-Fi analog clock options include…
    • A variety of case materials
    • Logo or image on clock face
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