Companies Worried about Losing 60 Minutes to Daylight Saving Time may be Losing a Lot More

Inconsistent, imprecise time displays can cause thousands of lost minutes and dollars each year.

Dassel, Minn. (March 3, 2014) – Daylight Saving Time is March 9, and many companies lose an hour of productivity as clocks skip ahead. But far worse than a mere 60 minutes of lost time is the potential tens of thousands of minutes – and thousands of dollars in wages – lost each year due to differing time displays within a building or on a campus.

"Daylight Saving Time can cause some worry for industries like manufacturing, health care and others that operate around the clock" explained Dieter Pape, president, American Time. "Time is money, but what many companies don't realize is that they are losing far more time during the other 364 days of the year due to inefficient, unsynchronized clock systems."

Synchronized clocks keep the same, precise time throughout a building, which is crucial for optimizing the flow of occupants as well as ensuring security and more exact record-keeping for insurance or regulatory compliance. In addition to displaying the same time, American Time synchronized clock systems automatically update for Daylight Saving Time twice per year and save maintenance teams the time-consuming burden of manually adjusting each clock. For even greater cost and labor savings, an American Time master controller communicates the scheduled on/off times to other systems within a building, such as HVAC, bells, security or lighting.

Even the smallest discrepancy in time among a building's clocks can be an expensive mistake. For instance, if 50 employees who earn $15 per hour add an extra two minutes of breaks per day, the lost time would cost a company $19,500 per year.

Health care, manufacturing, education and government organizations turn to American Time to optimize the productivity of their workforce, students and patients, to increase punctuality and to improve business operations.

About American Time

From clock parts for the White House to complete timekeeping systems for the largest corporations in the world to a presence in half of the K-12 schools in the U.S., American Time is the recognized leader in the manufacturing of integrated, custom timekeeping systems and accessories. It offers Wi-Fi network clocks, IP network clocks, Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks, battery and digital clocks as well as a master controller clock with the ability to run on a legacy wired system concurrently with a new wireless clock system.

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